My Inspiron 6400 laptop has an annoying light-leak screen problem
By  enrique1985
From  computercare

Hello, I have a Dell 6400 laptop, now I get a problem: at the bottom of the screen, I found there’s serve light-leak symptom. Since the problem was found, it really kills me. The problem is not easy to be found only when my screen background is turned black, or when I watch movies. Is this normal? One of my friends also has the same laptop as mine, but his 6400 doesn’t have such a situation. My laptop has 3 years’ quality warrant period. Can I ask for a new one?
Hope your suggestion and help, thank you so much!
1): Sorry that you have such a terrible screen problem, most Inspiron 6400 laptop has no light-leak problem, the resolution is True Color 1440*900 pixels, but most screens, it’s quite normal that the bottom part has such a symptom. Your problem is not a special one, if this really makes you feel uncomfortable, you should go contact Dell, telling them the terrible problem you get, and ask for a change;
2): If your screen light-leak symptom is very severe, then I’m really sorry that your laptop screen does belong to a quality problem. You can totally ask Dell to change a good laptop without any problem for you! For such a problem, as the laptop structure is not designed perfectly, there’s certain default which hasn’t been solved well. So after the finished product comes out, probably there’s certain probability that the bad symptom would occur.
Hope this could help you!