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Compaq Presario CQ50
By k007
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Recently I bought a Compaq Presario CQ50 laptop with AMD Turion x2 RM-70. It’s quite good on other aspects, except one annoying overheating problem:

Too bad thermal function! I connect the laptop with external power adapter; actually the fan hasn’t stopped ever. It’s always running.

I run system test software, and then I found the CPU temperature reaches 57 degrees, while CPU usage occupation is 5%.  Strangely, my young brother’s Inspiron 6400 laptop is of T5600 CPU, of which temperature is only 45 degrees.

When I execute some simple little games, the CPU could reach 65 degrees, and at this moment, CPU usage occupation is 100%. I think here this temperature working on the situation is not a big problem, but as I would go for Middle East for a period of time, where the weather generally is around 38 to 46 degrees. Besides, probably I would let the machine run above 10 hours every day.

Therefore, my question is: whether my laptop would get broken because of high temperature there, or could it run perfectly there?

Hope to get your advices and help, thanks a lot! 


1): Although this is kind of high, 77 degrees is still not that dangerous to cause problems. One of my clients uses m1330, equipped with Intel t7250, still could run in a whole skin there.

Your brother’s CPU clock frequency probably is lower, so there’s less heat. AMD, generally, would produce more heat when running.

You could check up its power voltage, check this out:

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