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Any differences between DDR2 PC5300 and DDR2 5400?
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I intend to buy this memory: PC5400 DDR2 667 SODIMM RAM (2 x 2048MB)
But so far my system uses such memory model:
Type: DDR-SDRAM, PC2-5300 (333MHz)- [DDR2-666]
Format: SO-DIMM slot (67.6 x 3)
Size: 1024 MB (2 bits, 4 chips)

My question is whether PC5400 could work normally on my system? Hope to get your advice and help! Thanks so much!
1): Each one could work normally, they are both same. I hope you realize that as your system is not of 64-bit, so you cannot use all 4GB memories. Since you only have a 32-bit operation system, you could use 3.2GB memory. But as you have 2GB RAM storage, which means they’re two memory sticks of 1 GB for each one. Therefore, if now you buy another 2GB one, you would have 3GB memory. If later you decide to update to 64-bit operation system, then you’d have to buy another 2GB memory stick, although this is just my suggestion.
2): All HP laptops support only DDR2 memory, so they call it DDR2 PC5400, but I don’t think HP would support DDR3 memory on same model laptops in the future.

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