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Blue screen error message or Auto shutdown for PC
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First you need to make sure if the error message is appearing before or after Windows loads. If you are not sure then you can take out the IDE cable from your hard drive and if you get the same error message then it was happening before Windows loads. If it is happening before Windows loads then go straight to C-1. All IDE cables, wires, drives and cards should be removed. If your problem still exists then it wasn't any of those components shorting out or giving the error message.

If it did fix the problem please move on to C. If it didn�t then you need to try testing your RAM with MemTest86 provided on this Laptop Care CD. If it finds any RAM problems then you need to reset your RAM, and maybe even replace it if the problem still exists.

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Break down of possible malfunctioning hardware of software
60% software
40% hardware:
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