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SONY VAIO PCG-K33 Laptop only working with a battery
By k007
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SONY VAIO PCG-K33 Laptop was working fine with a battery, but doesn’t with an AC Adapter, the battery couldn't charge. The battery could charge and discharge on other laptops.

Took it apart, and found that DC Jack was damaged. Replaced it and try connect to AC Adapter and then found other problem: it wiggles around according to mark and disconnects power with use AC Adapter!

replace a New DC Jack to laptop's motherboard with glued, It still has a problem something before, I believe I have a faulty cable on the Sony AC Adapter, change it and the failure disappeared.

Note: if you use a universal 120W AC power Adapter (Kensington) on your laptop, it is working fine, but DC connection has a bit long, maybe can damage inside DC Jack if some body wiggly it too much.


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Article Submitted On: 2009-05-26 21:09:32
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