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Are SSD becoming a better option?
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Solid State= Flash Drive?

1. If you mean flash drive, I'd say yes. I've had an 80 GB Toshiba outboard flash drive for three years. I bought it in China. I haven't seen such a device for sale anywhere in America.

It works just fine. This seems to be the way in which drive technology is headed, so go with it. It's lightweight, requires little (if any maintenance)and probably has as long a life as hard drives in general use in existing PCs. It was said that flash drives have finite erase potential. Yeah, so what? Does anyone think that today's conventional hard drives will last forever? Try dropping a conventional hard drive from four feet. Do you think that baby will survive unscathed? Probably not. I've dropped my Toshiba a few times and I've had NO problems with it afterward.

I use it for storage at this point. I have not tried installing an OS on it. As this technology becomes standard in the industry, much larger capacity drives will become the norm simply because you can get a lot more memory in a flash drive in a smaller space than you can with conventional hard drives.

I'm glad to hear that Lenovo has penetrated the western market. Lenovo is one of the most popular computers in China.

2. I just recently built a machine, which includes a 32GB SSD for it's o/s partition. I chose SSD just to see what all the fuzz was about. On certain operations like surfing the web, starting the computer, installing/running programs the difference really is night and day.

Enough talk though, lets look at some benchmarks I just ran --

The manufacturer (Patriot) states, and

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