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7 Good Reasons to Buy a Netbook over a Laptop Computer
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There are a few reasons for considering netbooks over laptops. Here are the most common (in no particular order of importance) according to owners I have spoken with or from other consumer feedback in various surveys.

Just in case, you need to justify it to yourself or your better half, here are more than a few reasons why you’re better off choosing a netbook notebook over a laptop computer.

1) Lightweight

If you’re on the move a lot like a college or university student and you have to haul around a normal laptop, you know how that feels. Even if you carry around a 13” laptop computer, eventually your poor shoulder gets to the point where it begs for mercy. It’s amazing how much difference a few pounds or kilos can make.

For instance a Dell Inspiron 13 laptop computer that’s a so-called slim and light notebook weighs around 4.9lbs (2.2Kg) and that’s before you’ve even started adding some customized features. A Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook measures 2.28lbs (1.03Kg) however. I don’t know about you but 2 pounds (or one kilo) less to carry around is a key benefit especially if you get to still have a fully functioning computer that does what you usually do.

2) Size

Again, if you’re a student and your laptop usually has to fight for space with your books, lunch box and other content that you have to carry around all day, the netbook computer is godsend because no more do you need to look as if you were going hiking with your huge backpack and now you can fit more stuff in your bag or even better, get a decent loo

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