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If your computer's speed is getting slower
By Minh
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Computer Care Center Security Expert Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 9:34 pm

If your computer??s speed is getting slower, it might be a good time to consider reformatting your computer and re-installing your programs; however, before we reformat the hard drive, there are certain files that should be backed up.

1. The Registry. Generally it can be located at C:Windowssystem.dat. The Registry is a very important file. It keeps a record of every program of every program you??ve installed as well as all of your

settings. If you backup the Registry before reformatting and then move it back to your system after the reformatting, it may save you time since?¤you will not need to reconfigure all of your settings. If you run RegEdit, it will open a window that will allow you to browse through your Registry. It will also allow you to save a backup of your Registry if you click on File and then select Export, you can save a copy of your Registry at the location of your choice.

2. My Documents. It is most likely that you have important documents saved on your computer. The default location where documents are saved is at C:Documents and SettingsMy Documents. If you have saved your documents elsewhere, remember to back them up as well.

3. Mail. If you have any mail saved on your computer, it may be important and should be backed up. The default place where mail would be saved if you have any is at C:Program FilesOutlook Express. If you are using Windows 98, it will be at C:WindowsApplication DataIdentities.

4. Favorites. If you??ve ever saved any sites as a ?°favorite?±, you might want to back them up so you may remember where they are and can revisit them after reformatting. Favorites are generally located under C:Documents and SettingsFavorites.

5. Downloads. If you downloaded any programs from the Internet, they will be located at C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsMy Downloads. If you can??t find it, you can always use the Find function and search for My Downloads.

6. Drivers. You should keep a back up of all drivers so that you can install the drivers immediately after reformatting. Otherwise, it is possible that you will not be able to find the driver where you found it before after reformatting. Drivers can be found at C:Window

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