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Little tips for iPhone that you have to know
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Next are some little tips for iPhone:
1. Quick dialing when locking machine with password: if you want to dial a number temporarily when locking machine with password, the routine is: slide to unlock—Enter password—Phone—Keyboard—type number and call. Actually these could be simplified, on the left bottom corner of the Enter password interface, press Emergency call button, then you could directly call the number, don’t get cheated by the name “Emergency call”, in fact, you could dial any number through this interface.
2. Quick input of punctuations: when type something, if you want to keyed punctuation quickly, first press “123” keys, and then slide to the punctuation you want and then loose. Then you can see the punctuation has already been typed, and the keyboard auto returns to letter keyboard. Besides, it would auto switch to letter keyboard by pressing blank key after typing punctuations, which is of humanity for the one using English input. Double click blank key, “.” Would be auto input.
3. When browse webpages with Safari, you could click the statebar at the top of the screen anytime, then webpage would auto jump to the top, meanwhile, address bar would display.
4. Textbox scrolling—type in the textbox, if exceed the range, you will find the textbox has no scrolling bar, and single finger could only scroll the entire page, at this moment, try using two fingers, don’t forget iPhone’s multi-touch function. ^_^

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