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[Share] 36 reasons for IBM ThinkPad to be the classic.
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1.Waterproof keyboard, two scuppers. All keyboards are airproofed, there’s waterproof flute, unique two scuppers establishment, which could quickly diffract pulled liquid to protect the interior electrical components.
2.Full scale standard 7-row keyboard design.
3.APS hard disk protection system, which could inspect disk vibration within 500 milliseconds. Once vibration is inspected, hard disk auto stops working.
4.Double tracks keyboard protection design.
5.Magnesium-made protection frame disk protection system.
6.Unique stainless steel gemel design.
7.Unique border-cover design.
8.Unique keyboard light design.
9.Z,T series super thin CD-ROM (only 9 mm)
10.Unique one key recovery design: including 3 recovery states, A: recover backup state; B: recover mistaken deleted file; C: recover to factory state.
11.Double copper canals vacuum convection thermal.
12.Double sheet coppers thermal.
13. Smart fan thermal.
14.Airproofed ballonet keyboard, convection thermal
15.All machines have legal operation system, ThinkPad is really cool.
16.Waved-shape cushion at the bottom protecting from slide and vibration.
17.Double vertical antenna design, 360 degree receiving wireless signal, insulated from electromagnetism disturbance, still be able to keep connection even when move.
18.Unique little red hat double-click design.
19.Spring door design for thermal and free from dust.
20.Titanium-Magnesium alloy screen protection, beautiful appearance and good thermal performance.
21.Wireless dev

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