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FAQ about iPod battery
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Q: recently I bought a iPod, please how to use battery and charge correctly?
1. When condition allows, charge it with the accompanied AC adapter charger as possible as you could.
2. New lithium battery needs 2 or 3 times full charging about 12 hours—for lithium battery, this is completely totally unnecessary. The saying “12 hours’ charging for the first 3 times”, obviously, is a continuation inherited from nickel battery (such nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen). Therefore, from the beginning, it’s a misrepresentation. Lithium battery and nickel battery have a distinct difference on the specialty of charge/discharge. Over charging/discharging would bring huge damage to lithium battery, especially liquid lithium-ion battery. Therefore, you’d better follow the standard time and standard charging method, especially not to charge over 12 hours. That’s wrong.
3. New battery must be activated, but you don’t have to charge it long time especially. What you should notice during using lithium battery is that if you place the battery unused for a period of time, then it would enter sleep state. At this moment, the capacity is less than normal value; using time would also shorten by this. As lithium battery is quit easy to activate, 3-5 normal charging/discharging circulations could activate it back to normal capacity. As the specialty of lithium battery, it almost has no memory effect. Therefore, during the activation process, new lithium battery nee

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