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In Qcon2008 (San Francisco station), Facebook technique sharing has many valuable things worth using for reference. Therefore, I will post here to talk about the review of Qcon Beijing conference.
Design principle
1.Use open source software as much as possible, and make optimization when necessary.
2.Unix philosophy, including modularized principle, integration principle and plain principle.
3.Any component has extension ability.
4.Minimize failure influence.
5.Simplify, simplify and simplify!
Architecture overview
Facebook is a firm supporter for LAMP, which is almost the largest dynamic site using LAMP (or LAMP2 is more proper).

Services added on basic components, it conglutinates by some tools. As for the maintenance details, basically, they would not leak out, which are the strength of many companies.
PHP experiences
Please refer to the article 《Facebook PHP performance and extension》
MySQL experience
1.Mainly for the storage operation of Key-Value type, data is distribute ramdonly on several logical instances, and visits are mostly based on global ID.
2.Logical instances are distributed on several physical hosts (over 1800), and loading equilibrium is working on physical layer.
3.No read copy.
4.No logica

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