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Make laptop touchpad to be handwrite board
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Lenovo handwrite input is a Chinese handwrite input, users could continue writing Chinese fonts. System would auto recognize them and pick the most possible responded character, which saves much trouble typing the keyboard.
Lenovo handwrite input sets many specialities, such as “original trace/learning” function, “User defined word library” function etc. By interacting with users in a short time, Lenovo handwrite input would apply to user’s handwriting habit, increasing the recognition, finally input efficiency is improved.
To satisfy personal requirements of different users, Lenovo handwrite input also supports multi-letter Lenovo, gesture command and many other specialities and functions. When writing is finished, user could use voice output function, enabling computer to read out the input manuscript in standard mandarin, collating reading.
 On system status bar, choose “Lenovo handwrite input” in “Languages/keyboard layout indicator”.
  Concrete operation: left click the “language bar” on the taskbar at the right bottom of the screen, system would pop up all installed language/keyboard layout, left click the subject “Lenovo handwrite input”, then it would be activated. Users could press Ctrl+Shift combination to switch to Lenovo handwrite input.

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