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FLUKE digital multimeter-F287/F289
By k007
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In the laotop repairing, most of the time, we always use the multimeter to meaure plenty of numerical values. To many laptop hardware engineers, A portable-intelligent-convenient multimete is the best present. Now, we recommend this product: FLUKE digital multimeter-F287/F289. The FLUKE multimeter series is the shining star in many IT corporations.
In the laptop repairing, most of the time, we always use the multimeter to measure plenty of numerical values
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rendCapture can help users to transform the data that recorded into a graphic tendency showed in the screen.So there is no need to download or draw the data point by connecting a PC. rendCapture function can also show the space of time and event data.Thus, users can catch the signals dynamic behavior quickly,such as the drift ,burst?tc.
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