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Q: how to convert CD music to MP3/AAC/etc on Mac?
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A: the most simplest method is to use iTunes, first open iTunes, press Cmd+, or use menu bar to find out application default menu, enter “Advanced” option and choose “Input” label, then type and setup. Generally, most users may pick MP3, but I suggest if you don’t have any special requirement (e.g. use on some low level/old cell phone or MP3 player devices), considering audio quality and file size, my suggestion is to convert to AAC, set bit rate 128 kbps, choose sampling rate and track number as automatic, and open VBR and music optimization, the effect converted is better than the same bit rate MP3; besides, if you think 128 kbps is too low, you could increase bit rate, AAC supports 256 kbps at most; of course, if you insist lossless effect, considering file size ,you could convert to Apple Lossless format. After that, you could insert CD, and then open iTunes to enter CD interface, and at the right bottom, choose “Input CD”. The input path is the music library path of iTunes (according to different configuration, music library should not always be your Music folder, configuration position is under the “General” label in “Advanced”),  you could search the converted music file in iTunes music library.

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