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Mac OS--SCSI MO usage & Daily maintenance
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9. SCSI MO usage:
1) Open MO drive power and insert MO disc.
2) Open HardiskTollKIT Primer1.75 (G4 and iMAC users should use version 4.0)
3) In the window which lists SCSI devices, choose MO column, if it’s unavailable, press Command +R to try again.
4) Choose “MOUNT” option, MO disc would appear on the desktop.
5) Choose “FORMAT” or “Intialize” to format the MO disc.

Note: --MO disc for output should lock protection.
--software, fonts and tools you get should be inspected if they are infected by antivirus software.
--after inserting MO, if it prompts error, and there are only [Initialize] and [Cancel] avaliable, and the information inside is quite important for you. At this moment, you should never choose the previous one, which would initialize your MO and delete all files.

How to set Internet:
1) Open control panelTCP/IPconnect PPP
Configuration: PPP server
Domain server address:
Search field: (according to practical situation, most cases, this is ignored as it would recognize automatically)
2) Open control panelremote visitkeyed user name, passworddial 163connect.
3) Use Netscape, Internet Explorer browser.

10. Daily maintenance
Force stop: Command+ e.g. stop printing big-capacity file.
Force Quit: press Option+Command+ESC
Force Restart: press restart button at the front of the machine.
Notice: usually you should form the habit of saving (Command+S) and backup.

1) Rebuild Desktop File
 When hidden desktop file gets some problems, machine would have something wrong, such as system down, low speed etc. therefore, we need to rebuild desktop file, the method is: start or restart the machine, check up the icons at the bottom of the screen, when all are listed or the progress bar is almost finished, when desktop appears, press Option, Command keys, and then a dialog and Cancel, OK options would appear on system desktop, choose OK then system would rebuild desktop file.
2) Disk First Aid
 System disc start: put system disc, boot machine, press C right away and continue until icon at the bottom part of the screen appears. After entering disc boot desktop, you will see that the shading of the desktop is full of disc image.
 Open Utility folder, find the file Disk First Aid (the icon is an ambulance) and open it.
 Choose the hard disk on the dialog, and press Verify option, it would inspect hard disk.
 After inspection, check up the last few words, if they are “Appears to be OK”, then it proves your hard disk is all right, otherwise, go to the next step.
 If the last few words are “Needs to be repaired” after insepction, click Repair option, then it would auto repair hard disk errors.
 Close the window, and then open Mac menu Control Panel—Start up disk file, choose hard disk and at last restart the machine and remove the disc.

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Article Submitted On: 2009-03-24 08:47:54
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