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Mac OS--Network connection configuration & Print setup & Install scanner driver
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6. Network connection configuration
When network is unavaliable, you need to setup:
1) Control Panel –-get APPLETALK at ETHERNET state.
2) Control Panel—set the first START option in FILE SHARING as STOP, then you would see the folder icon aside would auto add a thread.
3) Click Apple menu—check up APPLE SHARE in CHOOSER, you could see other machine names.
4) Double click the machine name to see its hard disk name, at last double click the hard disk name, then the other disk would show on your desktop.
Note: don’t randomly modify default Owner name, Machine name and Password on the dialog, otherwise, the network may fail.

7. Print setup:
  You need setup when printer could not print (suppose Epson Color 600 printer)
1) Open CHOOSER under Mac menu.
2) Click Epson Stylus (EX) icon.
3) Click the USB Printer prompt on right window, if no, then when printer connection or setup is incorrect, you’d have to check up whether it is connected correctly.
4) BackGround Printing: generally it’s Off.
5) Close CHOOSER window.
6) If the prompt “The printer can not be used” appear, then you’d have to reinstall the printer driver.
  Installation method: plug driver CD, double click Installer file, click Continue, click Intall and then press to restart the machine, and then repeat step 1) to 5).
Besides: chromatic aberration of color-jet print, most cases, it’s because some color ink runs out or the ink head is stuck. Turn off the printer, and press the paper button, then open the power, then it will print a test page. Solution: you could clean the ink head or replace a ink box, there’s guide on the inside cover.
8. Install scanner driver:
1) Put driver CD, double click Install file.
2) Click Continue, and continue pressing Install.
3) A dialog appears on the screen, letting you locate the scanner’s plug-in file to the PlugIn folder of Photoshop: find and choose it on the dialog (but don’t open it), and then press Select or Select PlugIn option and continue, at last, click Restart option, or Restart command  under desktop SPECIAL menu.
4) Open Photoshop’s Import scanner file (such as Foto Look 2.0.9, Vista Scan 2.3.3 etc) and then scan.

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