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BGA rework system
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We would like to introduce our BGA Rework System which is the most economic system in this range of products .Our system mainly consist of German made IR heaters which enable our system to be the most successful in repairing notebook, monitors lcd...etc . this Station for soldering and disordering (Reworking) PCBs Using the Infrared Technology

1- Fast USB Data Streaming and control for all
Machine features and processes.

2- Real Time PCB Temperature monitoring

3- Complete Process Graph with Bitmap printing &

4- Two modes for temperature unit adjusting ( C' / F' )
5- User Profile Creation and uploading
6- Upload and adjust Machine setting (Sleep mode, Alarm sound, etc)
7- Upload Factory initial Settings.
8- Download & run ready made standard profile from
Picture count 10 please continue have a look
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