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Secure Your Computer (2)
By Minh
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Computer Care Center Security Expert Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2006 2:06 am

Secure Your Computer (2)

4. Web Browser issues
Do not use Internet Explorer, IE has too many vulnerabilities to list separately: do not use. Note that IE is used
for many registered File Types and you may want to remove them, or use regedit to search for and clobber most
occurrences of iexplore. It may be best to rename the software so it is not accessible.

Turn Java (and JavaScript?) off in your browser: in Mozilla Firefox go to Tools > Options > Content or Web Features
(and > Advanced) and un-check them.

5. Phishing issues
Phishing often arrives as an email or pop-up screen created by criminals to gain personal security information by
pretending to be from your bank. They can look very convincing at first glance as they copy bank designs, styles and
How to be safe?

you can keep yourself safe from phishing scams:
* Be wary of e-mail messages that ask for personal or financial information such as user names and passwords, credit
card numbers, and other sensitive personal information, especially those that are alarming and upsetting in tone.
* Do not click any links inside an e-mail that is suspected to be spoofed. Instead, go directly to the valid
company's site then log on from there or call the company directly.
* Ensure that any Web site visited is secure when submitting sensitive information such as credit card numbers.
One indication that a Web address is secure is if it starts with https:// rather than http://. Another indication is
a padlock icon at the bottom of the screen, which when clicked, displays a security certificate.
* Ensure that your browser is up-to-date and security patches are always promptly applied. For IE (Internet
Explorer) browsers, a special patch relating to certain phishing schemes can be downloaded at security/.
* Avoid opening any file attachments of suspected phishing e-mail messages as it might execute a 'malware'
programme that can steal personal information.
* Consider installing a browser extension such as SpoofStick which can help detect a spoofed Web site. This
utility is available at:
* Consider installing security software such as those offered by anti-virus specialists like Trend Micro, which
can help detect malware programmes (antivirus), filter spam (spam filters), and/or e

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