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Compaq M2000 33CT2PB0004 DAOCT2PB6D8 DC Jack Repair
By k007
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     I have an issue with my HP Pavilion M2000 notebook. When the laptop is running off battery and I plug in the ac adapter I do not get power. I have to pull up and the right on the part of the ac adapter that goes into the jack soldered to the motherboard. When I hold it this way the led light comes on which indicates that the battery is charging, sometimes I tape it this way.

' I have tested the ac adapter with a voltmeter and I have allowed purchased a replacement as adapter, there for the ac adapter is not the problem. This led me to believe that the solders had come loose for the female part of the ac input jack soldered to the motherboard. I have completely disassembled the notebook so i can work on the motherboard.'
Picture count 4 please continue have a look
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' Now that the ac input jack and its solder points are exposed i can see clearly that there is not an issue with it being loose, it is soldered at 6 points and secured fastly.

When I plug the ac adapter in and touch the voltmeter to the pins soldered to the board I get a steady 19 volts off of the various pins like I
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