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381090-001 Replacement 65W AC Adapter for HP Pavilion DV1000
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Attention! If your original Laptop requires more than 65W AC, pls. don't bid this AC adapter.

Input Voltage: 100 - 240 Volts

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Output Voltage in Operating Mode: 18.5 Volts, 3.5 Amps

Power Consumption: 65 Watts

Dimension: 103 x 45 x 28 mm
Click picture for full size image.
Outside Diameter: 4.80mm
Inside Diameter: 1.70mm

Outside electrode contact: -
Inside electrode contact: +

AC Adapter Model: PA-1650-02C
Series PPP009L
Compaq Part No.: 239427-001, 380467-001

AC Adapter Model: HP-OK065B13
Series PPP009H
Compaq Part No.: 239427-003

AC Adapter Model: 0355A1865
Series PPP009S
Compaq Part No.: 239427-004
Click picture for full size image.
Replace with HP/Compaq Spare:
Compatible P/N: 338136-001, 371790-001,

380467-003, 381090-001, 319860-004,

402018-001, 403810-001,

409843-001, 417220-001.
Click picture for full size image.
Compatible models

Compaq nc4000 Series Compaq nc4200 Series
Compaq nc4400 Series Compaq nc6000 Series
Compaq nc6110 Series Compaq nc6120 Series
Compaq nc6220 Series Compaq nc6230 Series
Compaq nc8000 Series Compaq nw8000 Series
Compaq nx6110 Series Compaq nx6120 Series
Compaq nx6125 Series Compaq nx6130 Series
Compaq nx7000 Series Compaq nx7010 Series
Compaq nx9000 Series Compaq nx9008 Series
Compaq nx9010 Series Compaq nx9020 Series
Compaq nx9030 Series Compaq nx9040 Series
Compaq tc4200 Series

please have a look next page for more compatible models
Click picture for full size image.
More compatible models

Pavilion dv2300 Series Pavilion dv2400 Series
Pavilion dv4000 Series Pavilion dv4100 Series
Pavilion dv4200 Series Pavilion dv4400 Series
Pavilion dv5000 Series Pavilion dv5100 Series
Pavilion dv5200 Series Pavilion dv6000 Series
Pavilion dv6100 Series Pavilion dv6200 Series
Pavilion dv6300 Series Pavilion dv6500 Series

Pavilion dv1000 Series Pavilion dv1100 Series
Pavilion dv1200 Series Pavilion dv1300 Series
Pavilion dv1400 Series Pavilion dv1500 Series
Pavilion dv1600 Series Pavilion dv1700 Series
Pavilion dv2000 Series Pavilion dv2020 Series
Pavilion dv2025 Series Pavilion dv2100 Series

Pavilion dv2200 Series

Presario B1800 Series Presario B1817TU
Presario V2000 SeriesPresario M2000 Series
Presario V2100 Series
Presario M2100 Series Presario V2200 Series
Presario M2200 Series Presario V2300 Series
Presario M2300 Series Presario V2400 Series
Presario M2400 Series Presario V2500 Series
Presario M2500 Series Presario V2600 Series
Presario V2700 Series
Presario V1000 Series Presario X1000 Series
Presario X1100 Series Presario X1200 Series
Presario X1300 Series Presario X1400 Series
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