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HP Mini 1000 XP edition series
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Infinity display

The HP Mini 1000 is the perfect on-the-go companion for the ultra-mobile consumer. Stay connected with more people, in more places. Our HP Mini is available with an 8.9" or 10.2" diagonal display, weighs only 2.25 lb., and has a nearly full sized keyboard. Personal computing just got a whole lot smaller.


Genuine Windows XP

Get things done, stay connected, and enjoy entertainment in a protected environment with genuine Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3. ††

Stay connected

Bring the Web and your favorite content to your fingertips, and connect with more people in more places while you're on the go1. With our Mini 1000 you'll get:
  • Easy access to information, communication, and entertainment via the Internet
  • Your favorite digital music and photos close at hand
  • Communication and social networking via built-in webcam/microphone, 802.11bg WAN, and optional integrated mobile broadband
  • Simple, affordable Web access via Intel's new Atom processor
  • Up to 1GB of system memory
  • Scalability and flexibility via hard drive options??8GB or 16GB SSD, or 60GB HDD
  • Integrated high-definition audio
  • Bluetooth (optional)
  • Up to 8GB of extra storage via the HP Mini Mobile Drive accessory, which is housed within the HP Mini

HP webcam

» Mini 1000 demo

Easy to use

Organize your life and get more done with the Mini's comfortable, nearly full size keyboard. You can:
  • Surf the Internet1 without eye strain on the spacious 8.9" diagonal widescreen, or upgrade to a 10.2" diagonal, edge-to-edge BrightView Infinity display
  • Send e-mail and instant messages with the nearly full sized keyboard (92% of standard size)1
  • Easily transfer data to and from other devices via two USB ports

92% of standard size keyboard


Sleek, ultra-lightweight design

This compact device is so small that you can carry it in your briefcase or bag, or even just in your hand. The Mini 1000 Netbook is:
  • Stylish and alluring, with our rich, onyx-toned "Swirl" Imprint design
  • Super slim and lightweight??just 2.25 lb. to start
  • Less than an inch thick
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified and shipped in environmentally friendly packaging

Quality warranty, software, and support

The HP Mini 1000 is backed by a one-year hardware warranty. In addition, we test and qualify all software sold for a trouble-free experience. You get:
  • Microsoft Works 9
  • Windows Internet Explorer 7
  • Windows Media Player 11

1. Internet access required and not included.

'When I connect the batter to the motherboard and the power turn it on and pull the ac jack the way i usually do to get power sure enough the led comes on but I have been unable to determine why this happens.

I cannot see any broken circuits anywhere and the ad jack is secured firmly so i am thinking it must be something to do with the prong in the middle of the jack somewhere inside where it connects to the motherboard but I am unsure of how these things work.
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