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BIOS chip is one of the most important components of computer system, most motherboard manufacturers would periodically release a latest BIOS version, improving system running performance, stability and compatibility.
However, it??s very dangerous to refresh BIOS or upgrade version, even you follow the operation step one by one strictly, update failure still inevitable. Then BIOS would be damaged, as there??re many different situations may happen during the process of upgrade, such as BIOS update file error, power-off during flash storage refresh and system down etc. All these factors may cause interruption to the process of BIOS refresh writing, or data loss.
When BIOS update fails (other situations like get attacks by CIH virus), and motherboard is damaged, system down or other serious results happen, how to deal with these stuff? In fact, you should not discourage yourself; neither do you have to change motherboard. As long as the BIOS chip is not damaged, even the Firmware up there has been rewritten, it??s nothing serious, and we could all let BIOS back to life. Now most BIOS manufacturers provide boot block protection function. Generally, this start boot block would be auto writing protected. Only when refresh application receives definite command to write to EPROM, start boot block then could be covered. Besides, the boot block supports some most basic BIOS functions such as ISA protocol graphic card, floppy driver and keyboard input and so on. Therefore, as long as system satisfies these conditions, it??s perfectly possible to let other BIOS functions recover. And concrete steps are shown as below:

1. system basic function requirements
(1) Floppy disk drive: used to load boot disk system file and latest BIOS version. This is a precondition to recover BIOS, namely, first make sure system floppy driver could work normally.
(2) ISA graphic card: although this item is not a necessary option, but it could greatly simplify the whole recovery process if equip with this condition.
(3) DOS system boot disk: used to start pure DOS system, as the process to recover BIOS , generally, would be processing under pure DOS environment.
Boot disk could be created automatically in the ?°Add/remove programs?± in ?°Control Panel?±. And the facture of the boot disc is really essential, we have to copy some files we need afterwards into this boot disc, such as BIOS refresh program and BIOS data files.

2. Recover under ISA graphic card
If there??s ISA slot on motherboard, use an ISA graphic card (now it??s hard to find out one), which helps a lot to recover BIOS. First pull out all other boards and wires in the main case, only leaving the ISA graphic card, floppy drive and keyboard; and then start the computer from boot disc normally, continue to press F8 until enter Safe mode.
After entering Safe mode command line, follow the steps of update provided by manufacturers; recover the previous BIOS boot block. Generally the BIOS file would be saved by default when refresh program. If the old BIOS backup could not be found back by any possibility, then you??d go to the manufacturer??s website to download the latest BIOS version update file.

3. Auto recovery without graphic card.
Even ISA slot or graphic card could not be used, we could also adopt other ways to recover BIOS, and just the process is a little troublesome. To succeed to recover, we??d first make some modifications to the boot disc, in case BIOS refresh program would be auto loaded when system starts later. After creating the boot disc in Windows, suggest you to delete the config file config.sys, EMM386.exe and other similar procedures, ensuring that except system files have been preserved, there??s no other program. Then we??re sure that during the process of refreshing BIOS, there??s no other interruption by other program.
Similar as the method above, first we??d go copy all BIOS files (backup.bin) and refresh programs which are backups and downloaded from Internet, to the boot disc; and then modify the file autoexec.bat, then later system could load and run the BIOS refresh procedure. Modification could be processing in notepad editor, according to manufacturer??s BIOS update operation guide, add BIOS refresh command line and related parameters. At last, notice when save the files, the suffix should be .bat, but not notepad??s default suffix .txt.
For example, if you use Award BIOS refresh, and BIOS chip is Flash ROM, BIOS file name is backup.bin, then you could keyed the command below:
A:\awdflash.exe backup.bin /sb/sn/py/r/cc/cp/cd
Main parameters and meanings
/py: auto finish BIOS refreshing work;
/sn: not back up old BIOS file automatically;
/cd: clear DMI data once refreshing BIOS;
/cp: clear ESCD (plug-and-use) data once the refreshing finishes.
With this command, we could write the BIOS file backup.bin into the flash storage by force, and reset all config data as default value. Restart the computer, and keyed ?°awdflash.exe/??± to view the details of the command. And repair methods for other types of motherboard are similar basically, you just need to read the DOC file provided carefully, and know the usage of each command, and then change the file autoexec.bat, add related command lines, at last, save the modifications to the file autoexec.bat on boot disc. After these, no matter whether there??s ISA graphic card, there??s no influence. When start computer by floppy disc, system would auto load and execute these command files.

In all, no matter which method you adopt, manual repair not only develops exploring courage, innovation and learn, but also saves a lot of money. You don??t have change a new motherboard which may cost you much money. So isn??t it a good thing? I always use these methods, and I have repaired many discarded damaged motherboards. Hope this could help!
'When I connect the batter to the motherboard and the power turn it on and pull the ac jack the way i usually do to get power sure enough the led comes on but I have been unable to determine why this happens.

I cannot see any broken circuits anywhere and the ad jack is secured firmly so i am thinking it must be something to do with the prong in the middle of the jack somewhere inside where it connects to the motherboard but I am unsure of how these things work.
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