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NETCORE router failure solution
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As the router industry development, router technology update is also driven, here we mainly discuss some common problems of NETCORE router, under this circumstance, you need to recover the router settings as factory default settings, any router configuration you’ve done on NETCORE router would be lost. Here’s the concrete operation: there is a reset button on the router panel, after NETCORE router starts normally, press reset button above 10 seconds continually, until the CPU indication light on the front panel starts flashing.
Power failure
First check up the router power indication light, if the light dies out, then probably the connection between power adapter and NETCORE router is not good, please make sure whether power connection board supplies power normally. And check up whether the connections between power cable and power board and router are stable and reliable.
   Network connection failure
Network connection failure might have few symptoms:
(1) Router LAN port could not connect with computer Ethernet card, relevant LAN port status light shows no normal connection;
(2) Router LAN port connects with computer Ethernet card (relevant LAN port status light shows normally), but could not manage 2505nr through the port. Such kind of failures roughly is divided into two types: connection error / configuration error.
a. Physical connection error (relevant NETCORE router LAN port status light shows abnormally), solution:
1) Please make sure whether network cab

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