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The page I opened half always shows script error and I don
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This problem occurs because the HTML source code can’t use client-side script (such as Microsoft JScript or Visual basic script) working correctly. This problem may occur because one of the following reasons: • HTML source code of web page has a problem.
• your computer or network blocks active scripting, ActiveX controls or Java applets. Internet Explorer or another kind program (such as anti-virus program or firewall) can be configured to block active scripting, ActiveX controls or Java applets
• anti-virus software is configured to scan your "Temporary Internet Files" or "Downloaded Program Files" folder.
• the scripting engine on your computer is damaged or outdated.
• the Internet-related folders on your computer has damaged.
• your video card drivers are corrupted or outdated.
• the DirectX component on your computer is damaged or outdated.
Note: The server side script - such as Visual basic script in Active Server pages (ASp) – runs on a Web server. Script failures due to server-side script error do not generate error message in Internet Explorer, but may create a web page that can’t display or work correctly. Troubleshooting information in this article applies to server-side script errors. If you suspect a server side script has a problem, please contact the Web server administrator.
Using he troubleshooting methods in this article should be according to the order they appear. After com

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