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Must know that five key points of using WinRAR
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WinRAR is the software that a lot of users are using, but many users just use WinRAR to doing simple decompressing and compressing operations, and they are not very concerned about more advanced skills in the process of using the WinRAR software today. Here I share a few points about WinRAR.
    Point one: pay attention to dangerous self-extracting program
        It is believed that we have seen a lot of article about using WinRAR to bundle Trojans. Here, it is recommended when you received an executable attachment file, you should save them up firstly. Then you can try to right click it and select WinRAR menu, if the "Open with WinRAR" command in this is available, that means this program is a self-extracting program. At this point you can modify the file extension from EXE to RAR, WinRAR can be used after double-click to open it, it will much safer.
    Point two: let WinRAR concentrate on work
       Never close the archive window when editing a file in the compressed package, or we will can’t save the changes of the file. In addition, if double-click to open other RAR archive at this time, WinRAR will automatically turn off the file of compression package you are modifying, and make it impossible to update the changes, so I suggest you press Ctrl + S key in the WinRAR window to cancel the "General "tab under the check box " reuse existing window ".
    Point three: foresee the siz

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