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Five points to start using brand new laptop
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1. Rebuild hard disk partitions
Most new laptops have entire disk as one partition, even there are more, the original disk partition is quite irrational. For the sake of manage data conveniently, after buying back the laptop, the first thing many users would like to do is to rebuild disk partition manually. Generally, we don’t suggest dividing disk into many partitions, except there’s special application. For the disk of 20GB capacitance, operating system and common software occupied 5GB on drive C would be proper. Later divided another 2GB space for the exchange of system and common software temp files, the rest space could be one partition, for storing user data.
Although NTFS partition format is better than FAT32 on security and management function, but as general users, it would be ideal to choose FAT32, as comparing to NTFS, FAT32 partition’s running speed is much faster, the more important is that when system crashes down, you could rescue system and data in DOS, while NTFS could not manage that.
2. Update BIOS and drivers
The production date and purchase date have certain time distance, and there are a lot of benefits to update all hardware drivers, except to improve compatibility and stability, usually it could improve the entire performance and enhance individualization for the machine.
 Besides, many manufacturers have their own special software, such as IBM network configuration assistant program Access Connections, power management software Battery MaxiMiser, Sony power man

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