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Usually, press F8 to enter safe mode, but if you miss the time incautiously to press, then you’d have to restart, which is quite troublesome. How to add “Safe mode” to boot menu? In Windows XP, you could directly edit boot.ini file, change system boot option. Whereas, since Vista, Microsoft changed windows boot manager. Here I introduce a way to let you modify Windows 7 boot manager conveniently, adding “Safe mode” in.
BcdTool is a boot menu edit and repair tool for Windows 7, after decompressing BcdTool.rar, double click BcdTool.exe to enable the tool.
On the main interface of BcdTool, follow the next steps to add new boot item for Windows 7 boot manager: in “Boot setup” menu, click “c:bootbcd”, under “Windows Boot Manager”, click “[1]Windows Boot Loader”, and then in “Edit” menu, click “Copy boot item”, at this moment, “[2]Windows Boot Loader” appears. Click “[2]Windows Boot Loader” just copied and added, and then on the right side pane, right click “Description”, on the popup shortcut menu, click “Edit parameter”. On the prompted dialog, change “Copy {current}” in the edit text as “Safe mode”, and then click “OK” button to close BcdTool main window.
 Now let’s change the new added boot item as safe mode. Click “Start” button, enter “msconfig” to the search text, press Enter key to open “System configuration” window. Click “Boot” option card, in the list, click “Safe mode (C:\Windows)”, and then choose “Security boot” checkbox and “Minimum” checkbox; meanwhile, set proper delay time to the “Overtime” text, such as 15 seconds, click “OK” button then.
Now restart the computer, no need to press F8 key, you will see Windows 7 boot manager, there’s “Safe mode” option there. Hereafter, to enter Windows 7 safe mode, there’s no need to use F8 key!


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