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16 principles of system reinstallation
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Whether need to reinstall system, three rules to help you decide:
If there is one of the next situations happening to system, then it’s the time for you to consider reinstalling system:
1. System running efficiency turns lower, garbage files are full of disk; besides, they are distributed disorderly, not convenient for concentration cleaning and auto cleaning;
2. System error occurs frequently, while failures are not convenient to locate accurately and solve problem easily;
3. System could not start up.
Before reinstalling system, you’d better to first list the backup item
Before you prepare to reinstall system because of system crash or failure, first of all, you’d remind is to back up your data. At this moment, you must calm down, list out the material you need to back up for the hard disk carefully, writing them on a paper one by one, and then compare one by one to back up. If your hard disk could not start up, then you need to consider using other boot disk to start system, copy your own data, or suspend the hard disk onto other computer to back up. In order to avoid the disaster happening that disk data could not be recovered, you’d better to form the habit backing up important data every day.
 User documents are treasure, stand in the breach, and back them up
In the data need to back up, user documents are the first one to consider. If you are an editor or author, then you need to first back up your own manuscripts; if you are a teacher, then you need to first back up your teaching materials; if you

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