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Three server management techniques
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High-efficiency server management always needs effective server management technique; I summarize my working experience and abstract three techniques to share with you all.
Refuse server restart
Generally, in Windows 2003 Server system, after installing patches, system would always prompt to restart the server. However, many pals usually could not stand windows 2003 Server’s “slow” starting operation. Then hope the server would not restart after installing the patch. Actually, whether Windows 2003 Server would restart has certain relationship with current system patch speciality. As for those security patches needing system restart by force, generally, server could not refuse; but for those patches not requesting system boot speciality mandatory, you can adopt the methods below:
1) In Windows 2003 Server system desktop, take turns to click “Start”—“Run” command, and then on the following system Run dialog text, enter the character string command “cmd”, and click “OK” button to switch system working mode to MS-DOS status;
2) In DOS command line, switch current directory to the directory where the patch locates with “cd” command, and then execute the character string command “aaa/?” (the “aaa” is the system patch name need to install currently), on the following appeared prompted interface, check whether current patch has “-z” parameter; if there is the parameter, the

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