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WiFi - why care?
When connected to the internet using WiFi, your data is being beamed through the airwaves in all directions. If you can receive your data from where you are, so can just about anyone else within that same range.

A hacker could intercept sensitive information such as e-mail messages or files. Even if a hacker doesn't want your personal data they might want to abuse your network access. They could use your internet service to engage in criminal activities such as sharing illegal content or sending spam.

Here are some safety tips for using WiFi

We have added some links for further information.

• Turn off the wireless router if you are not using it - this stops the signal being broadcast.
Routers are physical devices that join multiple wired or wireless networks together and intercept signals on a computer network. The router determines where the signals have to go.

• Place your router as centrally as possible in your house to limit how far a strong signal reaches outside your property. This helps prevent other people using your WiFi signal.

• Make sure you set a strong network password. Without a network password anyone, intentionally or unintentionally, could use your network to browse the Internet or be able to snoop on your traffic.

• Change the router's default name and the SSID name.

The router's default name generally indicates the manufacturer, which is helpful information to a hacker. Read more on changing a router's name.

The SSID is a unique ID used for naming wireless networks. It ensures the net

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