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5 Must Security Tips For Safe Browsing On Public WIFI Networks
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Safe web browsing is very important when you use public WIFI networks since there’s been a pretty large increase in the amount of free Wi-Fi available, and quite a lot of people are ecstatic about that. The issue is that, unfortunately, hackers and others who seek to steal your data are rejoicing as well. While free Wi-Fi is an extremely handy tool, it is also extremely unsecure. It is disturbingly easy for people, even those without much technical knowledge, to sneak into your computer while you’re surfing away at your local Starbucks. Thankfully, there a few tricks and tips you can use to keep your computer, and your precious data, safe from prying eyes.The following will explain the Clear view of Safe web browsing over public WIFI Networks.


Sharing data between computers is a very useful tool in the privacy of your own home. You can share a file with your family, print of someone else’s printer, even allow remote login from family members. While useful, having sharing on in a setting with public Wi-Fi is like hanging up a sign that says “Hackers welcome”. As sharing between computers is meant to allow exactly what it sounds like, hackers can access your computer, and the data inside, without breaking a sweat. Thus it is vitally important that you turn off sharing on your laptop before you use it at an unsecure location. How do so is listed below for both Windows and Mac OS.
1. Turning off Sharing on a Windows
To turn off sharing in Windows you first need to open your computers Control Panel, and then go to Net

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