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1. Software problems (especially right third-party add-ins)
    Installing version 3.0 of Thunis input method sometimes appears that explorer.exe has an error, if we cancel Thunis input method, and there is no problem using the other input method , we can determine that the input has the problem. Uninstalling Thunis input method can solve it.
    Version 4.0 of Thunis input method has not found similar problems.
    The ized rar of Apple is to blame, if uninstalling it there will not be this error, also you can’t see whether you has installed the ized rar of Apple, you can uninstall it to check.
    Installed Alcohol 120% or 52% virtual drive, in the tomato system it usually has an error of explorer.exe. Sometimes uninstalling can solve the problem.
    2. Reasons of Explorer.exe process itself
    Checking the explorer.exe file size that under normal circumstances it should be displayed for the 237k or 238k, if the size is inconsistent, you can copy one explorer.exe file from another machine to this, call the Task Manager, access to explorer.exe process, then create a new task and copy the new files to WINNT directory of the system tray.
    3. Possible reasons of the virus (wc98pp.dll)
    Network protocol processor – related with eBook compiler tools Web Compiler.
    wc98pp.dll file itself does not affect , that many computers have this file, but when explorer.exe goes wrong, deleting this file can solve the problem, and then search the registry for the relevant key to delete.
    usign.dll, it is mentioned that this is similar to wc98pp.dll, deleting the two files can clear small ads popping out continuously in IE. In the company's computer we have not found this file.
    4. Other reasons
    The waiting time of a computer running a program is too long, such as reading data, especially CD-ROM or external device data, there will be explorer.exe error, suggesting that the same situation as above.
    5. Kernel Error
    I can’t resolve such cases until now, I suggest tore-install the system.
    6. Memory problem
    Some people through the replacement of memory have solved this problem, so this should be a reason, but if this problem occurs, it will be more troublesome, so you should first consider the several reasons in front of this.


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Article Submitted On: 2011-09-01 08:36:13
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