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How to prevent others PING your computer
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When a hacker is finding objects in the hacking, most will use Ping command to test the host, if Ping is unreasonable, poor standard of "hackers" will quit mostly. In fact, we can create a false impression, even if we are on line, the other can’t Ping with us, so that we can avoid a lot of attacks.

Step 1: Add independent management unit

Start - Run, type: mmc, start and open the "Console" window. Then click "Control Panel" menu under "Add / Remove Snap-in", click "Add" button in the pop-up window, select "IP Security Policy Management", click "Add" button. In the opening window, select the managed object to "Local Computer", click "Finish" button, and close the "Add / Remove Snap-in" window at the same time, then return to the console.

Step 2: Create IP Security Policy

    Right-click the newly added "IP Security Policies on Local Machine" (Figure 2), select "Create IP Security Policy", click "Next", then type in a description of strategies, such as "noPing" (Figure 3). Click "Next", select "Activate the default responding rule" recovery option, then click "Next". Begin to set authentication method, select "This string is used to protect the key exchange (pre-shared key)" option, then type in some random characters (these characters will be used below) (Figure 4). Click "Next", it will pro

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