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Tip How To Prevent Virus In Movie
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First, look closely the video format you have downloaded, in general, the formats of films are nothing more than that: rm, rmvb, wmv, avi, asf, mpg-4, mpg, dat (vcd format), and so on, please carefully watch whether the format of the video you have downloaded matches with the size .
    Therefore, we must note that, at least, after the download is finished, do not open it in a hurry! You should open the folder options to see the file extension, if it is a film, you can watch it. This is my little experience to share with you!
    Today, I encountered one that the extension has more than 200 bytes of space, and. Exe in the end, halo, almost deceived!
    Remember, at last, you should open the folder option and make "Hide extensions for known file" option turned off, to prevent errors caused by misuse ... ...
    When confronted with files whose format is .exe, rookies can keep far away from that, but if you are a advanced hacker and have impulse of challenging, and with excellent programming, and that anti-virus software is complete, you can shell. Generally, something whose format is .exe is a Trojan horse tied to the stuff of a movie that Trojan takes tens of KB and the film is accounted for 99.99%, so long as you have the ability, there are many more than a Trojan horse whose format is .exe now.
    We have to be careful about .cmd, even .jpg. Generally. .exe is tied to a good film! Therefore, usually watching is after the shelling.

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Article Submitted On: 2011-09-01 08:27:58
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