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10 stupid events making your system insecure
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Users will always use endless method to make them in trouble. They will use the shareware to expose themselves in front of the intruder, or forget to use the voltage protection device. Sharing this list of stupid with your users can prevent them from committing these avoidable errors.
    We all did stupid things, of course, computer users. Inadvertently pressing the wrong key combination or without the knowledge choosing the "OK" of the error dialog box may change important settings. It will affect the computer's behavior, or even make the system crashed.
    Nervous novices are often afraid of operating error to permanently damage the computer. Fortunately, the results are not as serious as they think. Nevertheless, users still often create all kinds of trouble to the computer and your network. Here are some of common errors from what you and your users can learn a lesson to prevent problems.
    1, use a power with no over-voltage protection
This error can really ruin computer equipment and the data saved on it. You may think that only in thunderstorms, the system will be dangerous, but in fact any factors that can interfere the circuit and make the current return can burn your equipment components. Sometimes even a simple action, such as opening a device (especially the hair dryer, electric heater or high-voltage electrical appliances and air conditioning) that is in the same circuit with your computer equipment can cause a power surge, or tree branches catching the

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