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How to use Windows 2003 operating system
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Windows 2003 is a quite disputed operating system, someone capable of it might feel easy to use, but others might feel bad. Why is this happening? The cause is the setup issue.
 First of all, Windows Server 2003 is the most powerful and most stable server operating system ever, although the latest Windows 2008 is already born, currently server industry still focus on Windows 2003. Since NT4.0, operating system base on NT core is divided into work station and server for different use environments. Work station is what we are familiar with Win 2000/XP/Vista, server is Win 2000 server/2003/2008. Although they are all system base on NT core, as for different client targets, there are differences and preferences on initial settings. Personally I think work station system should be simplified and multimedia NT system, focusing on entertainment base on basic stability. While as a server, except stability, key should also be on stability. Besides, as need to run for a long time, disk management and memory management should be more perfect. As server’s priority is not on entertainment, some entertainment functions might be shielded, such as themes. In order to save power, besides, most servers are base one remote desktop operation without display device equipped; display card hardware acceleration is lowered down to save power etc. As different preferences, initial system presented operations are different, which makes many people flinch for server system.
Simply speaking: comparing to work station system, server system ado

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