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Make full use of your tooth! Laptop Bluetooth Internet connection for cell phone
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Now Bluetooth module already appears on quite a lot of medium-high level of laptops, but for cell phone, it’s just standard configure. When you need Internet but there’s no hot spot available, then have you ever thought to use the spare Bluetooth? Here is an easy tutorial how to use Bluetooth connection of laptop to cell phone to get on Internet.
Part 1—what do we need?
Well, specifically, probably we need these few stuffs:
1) A laptop with Bluetooth module (Crap);
2) A Cell phone with Bluetooth connection function;
3) The cell phone supports dial network service;
4) The cell phone already opened GPRS flux suite (not necessary, if you are willing to spend money).
Part 2—how to connect?
1) Before we connect, you need to set up the device a little, enter Device manager, find Bluetooth Modem, check the property.
2) Click Advanced option card, fill initialization command: +cgdcont=1,"ip","cmwap"
PS: this parameter seems different in different systems, I got the result from Internet at+cgdcont=1,"ip","cmwap", but my system auto fills the parameter “at”. If connection fails, then you may have a try.
3) After finishing the settings, you can create the connection. Create a connection through Bluetooth Modem, leave user name and password blank, the dial number is *99#. Then click Connect, if successful, you can connect on, but if there’s error, then change the initialization command according to

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