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Troubleshooting and solutions for DELL laptop driver installations
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1. Machine archive
 [CPU]: supports Intel LGA775 interface CPU, next is the DELL processor factor configuration:
Pentium IV CPU, 600 series (supporting super thread, auto adjust running frequency, 64-bit calculation, hardware antivirus), the maximum configuration 670 (3.8GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz Front Bus)
Pentium D CPU, 800 series (Duo Core CPU, supporting 64-bit calculation, hardware antivirus), the maximum configuration 830 (3.0GHz, 800MHz Front Bus, 2MB cache).
 [Chipset]: Intel 945P Express chipset
 [RAM]: Dual channel DDR2 533MHz RAM, maximum 2GB (actually could support 4GB), 4 DIMM slots
 [Display card]: not integrated display card on motherboard, but external PCIe x16
 [Hard disk]: motherboard integrates 4 SATA disk interfaces, maximum supporting 500 GB SATA II disk, supporting RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10.
 [I/O ports]: USB2.0: 2 front ports, 5 backside and 1 internal (used for DELL internal card reader)
 [Sound card]: motherboard integrates SIGMATEL STAC9220.7.1 audio frequency card (according with Intel HD Audio standard). Backside 5 holes for input (microphone and circuit input), 7.1 audio frequency output (Front, side encircle, back encircle, middle and bass), 2 front holes for microphone input and earphone output.
 [Network]: 9100 Intel PRO/100 Ethernet card, 9150 Intel PRO/1000 Ethernet card.
 3 PCI slots; 1 PCIe x 1 slot; 1 PCIe x4 slot; 1 PCIe x 16 (display card) slot
 [Main case]: non-tool design: quick start, non-too

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  1. Troubleshooting and solutions for DELL laptop driver installations
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