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HOWTO: Toshiba Laptop (with Phoenix BIOS) and built-in Bluetooth support
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HOWTO: Toshiba Laptop (with Phoenix BIOS) and built-in Bluetooth

I hope somebody will find this useful. I have seen a few people with problems using bluetooth on the Phoenix BIOS models of Toshiba laptops, in this forum and elsewhere on the internet (while searching for answers to this problem).

This is a subject that is sorely lacking all over the place. There are wonderful utilities (or seemingly so, as I cannot use them) for Toshiba models that do not have a Phoenix BIOS, but rather a Toshiba BIOS, such as the “toshset” utility.

Toshiba models that use a Phoenix BIOS cannot use the toshset utility. This is a problem when you wish to use bluetooth. I came across a utility originally for the HP Omnibook, with support for various Toshiba (notably those with a Phoenix BIOS) and Acer models.

The omnibook module is written by Mathieu Bérard, and all credit goes to him.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M70-235 (available in Europe, Africa, and I guess the Middle East – as those regions tend to be grouped as EMEA – but I am unsure about the US), with the following specs:
Pentium M 1.86GHz
512 MB RAM (Upgraded to 1GB)
DVD Writer
ATI X700

In short, its a powerful machine, but has everything required for mobility and ease of use etc (such as I will require bluetooth for using my phone as a GPRS modem when I am away from home this Christmas).

I was very worried today that I might have to reinstall Windows after wiping it off (again) so that I would be able to use Bluetooth.

The problem is this: The Toshiba bluetooth rad

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