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mkszfile -f                 Creates / file (4.x onwards)
mkszfile -X                 Creates /fs.size file    (3.x)
mksysb -i (device of file)  Creates a mksysb image
mksysb does not save any raw data and will not backup a filesystem that
is not mounted.
savevg -if (device or file) (vg)   Creates a savevg image
restvg -q -f (device or file)      Restore from a savevg image
                                   Ensure that the restvg command is run from /
mkvgdata (vg)                      Creates new file
find (filesystem) -print | cpio -ocv > (filename or device)
eg find ./usr/ -print | cpio -ocv > /dev/rmt0
cpio -ict < (filename or d


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