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AIX-30. AIX Useful Commands
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compress -c file.txt > file.Z           Create a compressed file.
uuencode (infile) (extract-file-name) > (output file)
Converts a binary file to an ASCII file for transfer by modem or email
uudecode (encoded file)
Extracts a binary file from encoded file and calls it the extract-file-name 
examples :-
uuencode maymap maymap > maymap.enc
uudecode maymap.enc
od -c /tmp            Displays contents of the /tmp directory file
ls -i                 Lists files with their inode numbers
echo *                Lists files, can be used if ls is corrupt/missing
chtz (timezone eg GMT0BST)        Changes the timezone in /etc/environment file
chlang (language eg En_GB)        Changes the language in /etc/environment file
ar -v -t (archive file)           List contents of an archive
ar -v -x (archive file)           Extracts the archive
ar -v -t /usr/lib/libC-r.a        Lists contents of the libC_r.a library
find /source -print | cpio -pdm /target
Copying directories usi

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