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AIX-29. IBM Inspection procedure
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1) Check system hardware condition: whether device failure light is on or not;
2) System error report (errlog);
3) Whether send root user error report (mail);
4) Check hacmp.out,smit.log,boot.log;
5) The used ratio of essential system files is not bigger than 80%;
6) Whether logical volume has Stale;
7) Whether memory exchange area occupation exceeds 70%;
8) Whether the size of memory exchange area is 1.5 times of physical memory;
9) Check backup situation (whether there are system backup, user data backup, whether need to clean tape machine);
10)  Communication (network card, IP, router table, ping, /etc/hosts, DNS setup and so on);
11)  Whether there’s data protection way, such as RAID10/RAID5, whether there’s Hot Spare;
12)  Whether system DUMP settings are correct or not;
13)  Check whether system parameters are correct;
a) The TZ in /etc/environment could not have Daylight Saving Time
b) If there’s database: Aio:available
c) HACMP I/O pacing:High Water Mark/Low Water MArk:33/24
d) HACMP Syncd:10
e) HACMP Power Monitorff
14)  Check whether rootvg has image file;
15)  Check whether errdemon,srcmstr is running normally;
16)  Machine room environment (voltage, humidity);
17)  System performance: whether there is performance bottleneck (topas,vmstat);
18)  Patch (PTF), Microcode (whether need to update);
19)  HACMP test: Cluster Verification;

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