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AIX-28. AIX network diagnosis and solution-scene case
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Problem: there are AIX test machines, one is for application, and another is for database, all within the same network segment. And the application network has no problem, while the database machine has network problem, internal network downloading only has 30 KB data.
Solution: antitheses
As these two machines are within the same network segment, machine types are totally same, then you can make a detailed comparison of the network settings of these two machines, check what’s the difference, then change correspondingly.
Use the command netstat -v ent0 | grep -p "Specific Statistics" to check these two machines separately.
netstat -v ent0 | grep -p "Specific Statistics"
10/100 Mbps Ethernet PCI Adapter II (1410ff01) Specific Statistics:
Link Status: Up
Media Speed Selected: Auto negotiation
Media Speed Running: 100 Mbps Full Duplex
Receive Pool Buffer Size: 1024
Free Receive Pool Buffers: 1024
No Receive Pool Buffer Errors: 0
Receive Buffer Too Small Errors: 0
Entries to transmit timeout routine: 0
Transmit IPsec packets: 0
Transmit IPsec packets dropped: 0
Receive IPsec packets: 0
Receive IPsec packets dropped: 0
Inbound IPsec SA offload count: 0
Transmit Large Send packets: 0
Transmit Large Send packets dropped: 0
Packets with Transmit collisions:
1 collisions: 0           6 collisions: 0       &nbs

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