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5 Laptop Repair Tips To Avoid Your Laptop From Freezing Up Writing
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1. Close some Programs

On startup, there may be a lot of programs running at the same time. This causes your system to choke and eventually, since it can't handle all of the programs starting up, your laptop will freeze when you begin typing. Remove unnecessary programs from your startup menu. You'll find that this will greatly decrease your start up time and allow your computer to move on to the new commands you are inputting. This simple laptop repair tips can greatly speed up your device.

2. Insufficient RAM

RAM, or Random Access Memory is what your laptop refers to for resources needed to run programs. Insufficient RAM will cause your system to stall. Most laptop repair tips suggest that you have as much RAM as possible. Check your programs and remove any old programs that you no longer use which will free up space on your hard drive.

3. Running Programs too Advanced

Another laptop repair tip is to upgrade your whole system entirely. This is because you may have the latest programs running which have very high system requirements that your laptop cannot handle.

4. Tweak Laptop Registry

The registry is something that you should not be messing with if you do not know what you are doing and you should leave it to a professional. It is the code that the laptop follows in executing all of its functions. However, there a many programs available that will fix registry problems automatically and cleans them up with very minimal human intervention. These laptop repair tips can often get rid of your freezing problems.

5. Viruses

Always get the latest anti-

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