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Registry Settings That Improve Your Laptop Battery Life
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Have you got a problem with your laptop battery life? Perhaps your laptop battery is running out too soon.


Well, believe or not, there are some setting hidden in the Windows Registry that you can tweak to improve your laptop battery life.

These are very specific tweaks you can make and you may be surprised by the results on battery life.

Let's look at these settings in this article. Don't worry they are not difficult to learn - experiment with them and soon you'll get the hang of it.
1. Overview

I've always found laptop battery life to be a problem, especially in older laptops. Plug in the laptop and before you know it, you're out of juice. It's a real problem when you're working because you suddenly lose productivity.

Having trouble with your laptop battery life?

Usually I might just go and get an extra battery but these days, extra batteries cost money. So I am pretty glad I found some tricks in the Windows registry that you can easily to implement for free to extend battery life. If you're interested, please also check out my tips for extending laptop battery life here .

2. Which Registry Settings Extend Battery Life?

Well, the whole premise here is that by default, Windows XP and Vista is very aggressive on increasing the speed of the processor and conservative on lowering the speed. This spells bad news for the battery life because you tend to overspend the battery than save it.

So here's what you do. Go to the Start Menu and click on Run. Type regedit into the dialog box and press Enter. This

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