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5 Tips To Speed Up Slow Laptops
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5 Tips To Speed Up Slow Laptops
Vineet 29/07/2011 0

The day one, when we started off with our brand new laptop it performed so well that we felt in love with it. But as the time passes  its performance starts degrading. A task which earlier took few seconds now takes a couple of minutes. We  wonder if there is any way to bring it back to the same well performing state as it used to when was brand new. The answer is yes. There are some maintenance procedures which will speed up our laptops. Here are those few simple maintenance procedures.

    Defragment hard drive.
    The operating system of your computer breaks down file that you store into small pieces.  Then it scatters these pieces all over hard drive.  It does this to utilize disk space at maximum. This is known as fragmentation. Fragmentation increases the time taken to retrieve a file from disk. Defragmenting software such as Disk Defragmenter, Diskeeper, and Ashampoo Magical Defrag joins fragments into a large single continuous block, thereby reducing the access time. Defragmention should be done at least once  a week.

    Clean your laptop’s Registry.
    Registry is the most important part of the Windows operating sys

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