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If you’re in the market for a new laptop, there are features and components you should consider to get the most mileage from the system’s hp pavilion dv9500 battery.
An ultra-low-voltage processor, such as the Intel Penryn or one from VIA’s line of ULV processors.
A solid-state storage drive, which requires less power and, since there are no spinning parts, will suffer less wear and tear than a traditional hard drive.
An LED display. Although pricey, LEDs use much less power than LCD.
A smaller screen. A smaller screen means a smaller backlight, which will also save on battery IBM ThinkPad T42 battery drain.
According to Andrew Bradner, product line manager for APC, all lithium ion batteries are not created equal. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the chemistry. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to discern if the battery you’re buying was manufactured in a top-notch facility using high-quality materials. And making that call is not as easy as assuming your laptop manufacturer’s battery will be of better quality than a battery from a third-party vendor. But you can stick to a couple hp pavilion dv1000 battery of key guidelines.
Don’t skimp on your battery. If you choose the lowest-cost battery you’ll probably get a battery that degrades quickly, and you’ll end up buying a replacement too soon anyway. So spend the money now to save expense and frustration down the road.
Don’t buy an expired battery. A good indicator of a battery’s performance is how far int

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