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Start menu and taskbar are gone!
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Q: hello, few days ago, after I dragged mouse on desktop randomly, start menu and taskbar were gone. How to resume them back?
A: whether you dragged taskbar to the edge of the desktop? Check up carefully, whether certain fringe (generally at the bottom of the desktop) has an extra thread comparing to others, which is the disappeared taskbar. You can press keyboard Start menu key, check where the taskbar is, and then move the mouse to the thread, when mouse cursor turns the adjustment arrow, press left key and not let go, pull upwards a little, then release the mouse left key, taskbar would return back, of course Start menu will show up too. After resuming back this, suggest you right clicking the taskbar, on the popup menu, choose “Lock up taskbar”, then it would not be “Gone” any more!


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Article Submitted On: 2011-08-11 16:07:35
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