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Q: hello, I bought Lenovo U2240 desktop in 2007, now I want to update to change motherboard, display card and hard disk. as I am not so familiar with those parts, hope you can give me some suggestions, thank you!
A: it seems that you have a little more “desire”! You even want to change motherboard, then you’d have to change CPU and RAM? That’s equal to “assemble a new machine”.
 From U2240 configuration, E2140 CPU has no need to change so far, just need to add one 1GB RAM, price is around 25 USD, then add another 500GB hard disk, price is around 50 USD. While for display card, you can consider Dataland HDG4670 Diamond Green version Generation II or Maxsun MS-GT220 Golden version, which all needs no external power supply. The prices are separately 50 USD and 55 USD.

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Article Submitted On: 2011-08-11 15:55:22
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